Turn Back to God

Running a nation is probably more difficult than anybody, other than those who’ve done it, can really even imagine. So much so when Solomon came into his throne the one thing he asked of God was to be given wisdom to know how to do it. Along with its challenges, the position comes with many temptations. Given any amount of power, the person whose heart is not in line with God will find it difficult, if not impossible, to manage the office without giving into said temptations. Think about your everyday life and all of the temptations that you face, chances are you do not have the kind of power and responsibility as one who is leading an entire nation. 

What happens to a nation, who was once considered “Under God”, becomes corrupt? Reading through the prophets in the Holy Scriptures reveals that God opposes those proud and greedy people. When a ruler of a nation begins to accept bribes, or use their power for personal gain, God begins to get upset and His judgement rains down like fire from heaven. Corruption and greed have no place in the ruling of a nation. People in these positions must lead their nations from a perspective of love for those whom they lead. When the ruler relies on his own understanding and wisdom and does not seek the wisdom of the Lord, the nation suffers. Not in the sense that it loses its resources and blessings, though this too is true, but in the sense that God removes His hand of protection and turns His eyes away from the nation leaving it defenseless.

One of the major issues that God had with Israel was the greed and corruption. The leaders taking bribes and doing things motivated by personal gain. Leaving the helpless, helpless and pushing aside the poor to continue to get rich. A leader who leads this way encourages those people who are living in the nation to act this way as well. Corruption breeds corruption. Soon the nation begins to practice lawlessness as a whole, forgetting to whom it owes is entire existence. Forgetting God and denouncing Him, mocking Him, and teaching others to do the same leads to God’s hand of protection being taken back, and His hand of wrath being turned towards it. God will not be mocked and His mercy will not be taken for granted. When Israel turned its back on God, He brought them into exile and used other nations to carry out His wrath on them. A nation who built its foundation on the principles of faith and justice in the name of the Almighty God who turns its back on the One whom they claimed to be the reason for their very existence cannot continue to reap the benefits of His mercies.

We the people are not free of blame. In this country full of corruption we are the ones place these corrupt people in leadership positions. We vote for them based off of our own personal agendas and put into office those who will provide for us the most personal gain. We know of their corruption and see their greed, yet we place them in a position where they will only grow in greed and be more corrupt by the power. People seeking the throne are doing so out of greed and hunger for power. What is needed is a person who is unwilling to take on the responsibility unless obviously called to it by God.

America, look in the mirror. Look back at the beginning and the principles that this country was founded on. Look at the history of fighting for justice and to free the oppressed. We were a country who fought to be free from tyranny, blessed by God, and built on principles honoring Him. Today we are a corrupt, greedy nation, whose agenda is one of personal gain. Look beyond the leaders, look at the people who are living lives contrary to the will of God and loving things and hating God. How can we keep this up? How can we continue to live with out backs turned and our middle fingers raised to heaven? Do we not realize that God is the One who gave us this nation, and as He is the one who gives He is also the One who can take away?  Turn, repent, put aside the greed and come back to the Lord, for He alone is good and He is faithful to those who are faithful to Him. He will not be mocked, and His name will not be dragged through the mud because of us! Is there one? Is there a leader who will put aside personal gain and seek the wisdom of the Lord to lead the nation to once again glorify the God who made her? My prayer is that there is, and that the Lord will bring him forth and not take His hand away from us, and forgive us our sins against Him. May God have mercy on our nation and her leaders.

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