Malnourished Spirituality

The health implications of malnourishment are obvious to the onlooker. When one sees a person who is malnourished it becomes abundantly clear based on the signs seen when watching. The person who is malnourished becomes week, frail, and seemingly ill. The body does not work properly and fatigue sets in quickly. I am not a physician, but I have in my profession encountered people who are purposely malnourished due to an eating disorder. The side-affects are obvious to others, but no so obvious to the one experiencing them, nay, they are in denial as to the reality of their condition. Given the current status of our nation, it is easy to see that we are malnourished. It is obvious to the rest of the world that our malnourishment does not come in a physical form, as we eat better than most people around the world (and it shows). Our malnourishment comes from a spiritual dimension and our disconnection from our Creator in a contemplative reality.

Our busy and technologically driven society has impaired our imagination, but more strikingly, our contemplative capabilities. Though God transcends time and space, we encounter Him personally in the spiritual realms. As Christians, God gives us the freedom and authority to come to Him personally as priests. The bible teaches that there is only one mediator between God and man, and He is Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is our guide who leads us to Him and takes us into His glorious presence. When we neglect this contemplative life, we disconnect ourselves from God who desires our communing with Him. If we do not commune with Him on a regular basis we lose touch with His voice and render ourselves unable to listen and obey our King. Meditation on His word and in His presence is a discipline lost and written off by the twenty first century Christian in America.

When Jesus encounters the Samaritan woman at the well, found in the book of John, He tells His disciples that He has food they know nothing about. He explains that His nourishment comes from doing the will of the Father. We see throughout the gospels accounts that He separates Himself regularly to get alone with His Father and commune with Him. This is where He gets nourished and fed, not in Sunday morning church services. Our nourishment as believers comes from a contemplative lifestyle that is lived in the heavenly realm.

We as Americans are accustomed to a life of constant business and constant flashes of information over and over again. One moment leads to another and one day to the other with seemingly no break in between. No time for living, less time for praying, and absolutely no desire for still, secluded, meditation. This reality has lead to the malnourished Christian. Ironically, though we are the most overfed nation in the world from a physical standpoint, we are perhaps the most underfed nation in the world when it comes to spiritual reality. The decline in our country is due to a decline in our contemplative connectivity with the Father. It is evident to me that the nation in which we reside has removed itself from the hand of its Maker. If you wish to know the results of such actions, read your bible and see what the nation of Israel had to go through as an adulteress nation. God is calling us to return to Him. Repent of our business and conformity to the world and its patterns, return to a life nourished in the presence of the All Mighty God. Return to His feet and commit yourselves to Him. He desires true and Spirit led worship. Not superficial adherence to religious customs and rules. Live a life in the world, but of His kingdom.

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