The Direction In Which We Are Headed

There has been a lot of “chatter” on my social media news feeds about the current condition of our country and the church, and how we as followers of Christ are to feel or even act in light of the obvious turning away from the foundational principals that our country was built on. I intentionally stay away from such conversations due to my unwillingness to engage in meaningless debate about issues that neither party is willing to consider in terms of opposing views. Also, I have never really considered myself a very patriotic person. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, because of what it stood for, but not necessarily proud of what it currently stands for. I am very much in love with what our founding fathers built this country on, and believe that the Lord of all had a part in the development of our great nation. I do not believe that any nation, especially such a young one, can become such a world power without the hand of the All Might. Herein lies my concern, and the whole point of this post. The current condition of this nation (which I believe), having been formed by God for His purpose, brings me both distress and anticipation. 

I have either been a part of or heard many conversations in my life about our nations “nosey-ness” and how we continue to get into other people’s business. This is mostly pertaining to war. I have never really known how I felt about this particular issue, until just the other day. After reading over the Declaration of Independence, I realized that this country’s founders were very much building its foundation based on biblical principals and in the name of God. When it pertains to getting into “other people’s business”, as Christians we believe in justice and freedom from oppression. It is the job of the Christian to fight for such people, to free the oppressed and do justice to those being treated unjustly. Justice and liberty are core principals that our nation has lived by for many years. As the years went by this slowly began to change. Liberty and Justice for all human kind has become less of a priority, but only maintaining our own. Our brave service men and woman have not only fought and in some cases sacrificed themselves to preserve our freedom, but more honorably grant the freedom of others who have been oppressed and treated unjustly. Justice, however, has been perverted. We have taken too much liberty and become a very proud and arrogant people. We have dismissed God and taken credit for the blessings He has bestowed on us.

We have turned from the God who liberated us from tyranny and made gods of our nation and its leaders. We stand with a divided front and believe ourselves to be invincible. Leaving God in the past and waiving our hands in proud processions, we have forgotten our Creator and become “self sufficient”. Leaders have gone from people scared of having too much power, to a people who are hungry for more. To say it plainly, we are an adulteress nation who has turned from our God and ran to idols. Scripture and history are very clear how God feels when His people turn their backs on Him. This is why my heart is filled with distress and burden. I fear that we have rejected our God, even His church in her greed and hypocrisy, has run to money and sustainability. As a nation who’s reputation is one that bares the name of Christ, we have clearly let Him down and misrepresent Him among the nations. We must repent of this! I pray, that God will forgive us and have mercy on us. We must turn from the conformity to this world and pray that our minds will once again be renewed and retuned to His Holy Spirit. I pray that He will forgive us and grant insight and wisdom to our leaders, and that we will continue to glorify His name forever and ever.

This truth, however depressing the reality, has also sparked an anticipation of things to come. Though I do not speak of the return of our King (which I greatly anticipate) there are things that come from God’s discipline which are incredibly exciting. Though it never comes easily, when Christians live in a place where God is persecuted, the Church thrives. In those nations where the government despises Christians and all what they stand for, the Church is on the constant uprise and true disciples of are multiplied a hundred fold. Where the church is persecuted, there it grows the most. Jesus promises this to us, and I believe that this is where we are headed. It may not come to a place where we are being physically persecuted to the degree of some of our beloved brothers and sisters around the world, but the government will outlaw true fellowship with Christ and pursue the saints. This will prove to only strengthen the Church, and though we will hide from the government to worship freely in spirit and truth, we will grow and strengthen in the Lord. I look forward to those days, and expect they are quickly approaching.

Do not be surprised by the current condition of the country, expect it, and expect that the true awakening of Christ’s Church will come, and it will come in the form of persecution from the country who put its Maker to the side, and begun chasing after idols.

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